Who Can Join?

All parents, guardians, or other persons with a child enrolled and attending Valencia High School Choir Department are considered voting members of the organization. The Principal, Assistant Principals, and members of the licensed teaching staff are non-voting, advisory members of the organization. 

Rights and Responsibilities

The members have the right and responsibility to attend meetings and events sponsored by the organization, serve on the committees, and be nominated and elected to office. Voting members have the right to vote for the officers, review and approve the annual budget, and approve amendments to these bylaws.


The members present at any membership meeting of the organization, provided six (6) or more members are present, constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. In the absence of a quorum the membership may not take action. In that event, any matter brought before the membership at a meeting at which quorum is not present shall be discussed and decided by the Executive Board.


There is at least one general annual meeting of the membership in May at which the officers are elected. Such additional business or special meetings may be held alone or in conjunction with an event sponsored by the organization as is determined by the Executive Board or at the request of four (4) or more members in writing to the Executive Board.