Booster Club and ASB

A Brief Overview

We are primarily a Booster Club, but we are also a group of parent volunteers that help Mrs. Mocha and the Choir Council to manage Choir business when it is appropriate.  For legal purposes, we must be clear and prudent on the distinction between Booster Club and ASB procedures.  The main thing to watch out for is the commingling of Booster Club and ASB funds, which is strictly forbidden. (See additional Operational Guidelines). 

Why Do We Have a Booster Club?

The Valencia High School Choir Program receives zero to little funding from the District and relies heavily on donations and fundraising efforts to run effectively.  While fundraising and donations can be accomplished through the ASB, a parent-led support group like the Booster Club is helpful and necessary to raise the much-needed additional funds. Students and teachers often have limited time and opportunity to raise funds, whereas the Booster Club has many enthusiastic parents willing to give their time and skills to raise funds.

Booster Club and ASB | A Side-by-Side Comparison

Booster Club


Who Handles What?

As a Booster, our approach is to raise money that goes into a general fund.  We accomplish this through various fundraisers like Restaurant Nights, Holiday Boutique, Direct Donations, etc. The Booster forwards a portion of the fundraised money to ASB to pay for transportation vendors, competition and festival fees, and other choir expenses. ASB handles the accounting and tracking of its transactions; however, an ASB Liaison/parent volunteer may assist with this spreadsheet tracking. The Booster uses the remaining funds to help pay for expenses such as accompanists  and choreographers and has the ability and reserved funds to step in during emergency situations when ASB is not able to provide payment to a vendor/third-party in a timely manner. Please see an Executive Board Officer if you have any questions.